AO Bluetooth Microphone With Inbuilt Speaker

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How to use

1. Switch on/off press the power button, the blue light will on/off.

2. Bluetooth connection: tum on Bluetooth on your mobile phone and search the Bluetooth name “”Q7″” click and paired. the device will tick sound(note : pairing process to enter a password, enter 0000).

3 Playing music: tum on mobile phone music app such as kugou, download your favorite songs or accompaniment songs. volume could be adjusted by cellphone

4 Adjusting sound: adjust voice volume or echo in suitable place. Start singing and have fun! ow to record

5.Start singing and have fun!

How to record

1. Connect the audio cable, plug he micro USB port into pocket KTV and 35mm audio port into cellphone

2. open recording app like KUGOU and follow the process, start recording. PS Bluetooth will automatically disconnect when audio cable plug in.

How to charge

1.When the battery voltage is too low, the product will automatically shutdown ;

2. Using USB cable to connect with mobile phone standard jack. The red light will light;

3 Normal charging 2 hours, charging is completed, the red light is automatically extinguished;

4.Normal conditions works 6-8 hours.


Microphone: capacitance

Output power:3Wx2(speaker output)

Reverb mode: echo sound reverberation

Power supply: build-in Li-ion battery

Battery capacity: 2600 mAh

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  • A handheld condenser microphone with a portable mini home KTV player ; Ideal for music fancier, allows you to sing and record you voice anywhere, such as in car travelling, BBQ, family dinner and outdoor party so on; Fit for singing, instrument recording, interviews, podcasting, etc. Can be also used as portable bluetooth speaker
  • Featured with the Bluetooth and the 3.5mm audio jack, allow you wirelessly or using the audio cable(Not included) to connect the unit effortlessly to your smart phones like iphone and android phones
  • Package contents : 1 charging cable only (Audio aux cable not included)
  • High compatibility, fit for computer, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, MID, audio player with 3.5 aux in jack
  • please read the user manual before use product


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